Rebel in Blue’s Patreon

Rebel in Blue tells the story of Seamus O’Farrell, an Irish man struggling under British oppression in post-Famine Ireland. His mission toward a free Ireland leads him to America, where he joins the Union Army’s Irish Brigade. As he is drawn into the bloody world of the American Civil War, the world as Seamus knows it disintegrates. He struggles between the Seamus of Ireland – who longs to liberate his people with a Fenian army of Union trained men – and the new Seamus born out of the blood and violence of the Civil War.

Liam himself was rarely ever seen without a book in his hand and we want nothing more than to see his book in your hand. To do this American Civil War tale justice, we need things like cover designers, type setters, and, most importantly, fans of the novel. We hope the patreon can help add to our growing community and our goal of publication.

The patreon will hopefully be an interactive place where we can update our patrons on potential cover designers, ask our patrons for feedback, and share new ideas on self/independent publishing.

Although we are planning to (mostly) share Rebel in Blue drafts on this page, we will also be sharing some other short stories and material that won’t necessarily be related to the novel. However, we feel that they are worth sharing regardless.

The first story we will be sharing with patrons is Captain Rock in its entirety. People who have joined our mailing list will already have the first part of this in their inbox. Subscribing to the patreon will get readers early access to the rest of this mini-prequel to the novel, Rebel in Blue. Not only this, but Liam’s short story – ‘One of Our Own’ – will also be available to patrons this month.

Any support is greatly appreciated and we strive to reward that support in kind. If, at this time, you cannot be a patron, please still consider joining our mailing list, sharing this website, or recommending it to your friends. Liam still has stories to tell and we want to share these with the world.

Click here to check out the patreon!

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