Review Rebel in Blue and Win A £20 Amazon Voucher

Thanks to all of your support – Dad’s novel is out there and it has been heartwarming to see it in the hands of so many readers from different parts of the world.

We are now trying to spread the word further and would love to see more Amazon reviews to potentially help make this happen. This is why we are going to send a £20 Amazon voucher to one reviewer chosen at random on the 14th of July.

When you write a review, please just send us a screenshot of your review by email, on Facebook, or on Instagram so we know that it was you.

Here are some of the amazing reviews that readers have already written for us:

“Wonderfully researched and totally believable with a mountain of detail that only comes from knowing the time in history inside out. He’s a great loss as he would have just gotten better and better as he honed his craft!”

“Just got the book and I love it. It’s a hard book to put down makes you want to keep reading. Such great research went into this book and it shows.”

“A work of fiction but full of historical fact, from the fate of the Irish diaspora to the horror of the Civil War battlefields. War is seldom simply good versus evil or victors and vanquished, there are many wheels within wheels and this work resonates the story of Irish history. The Massachusetts Puritans alongside the Irish Fenians, reflecting the statelet which is current day Northern Ireland. And our hero and anti hero both from the same Irish rebel background and both fighting on the Union side end up as bitter enemies, one can see here echoes of the Irish Civil War.”

We are really looking forward to hearing more from this benevolent community.

1 thought on “Review Rebel in Blue and Win A £20 Amazon Voucher

  1. This book was incredible, I felt like I was there living through the whole story. The facts on how life was for an Irishman during this time period are amazing accurate. I couldn’t put it down!


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